Michael Davidson

Sr. Sound Designer

It takes a great ear and an even greater imagination to be a sound engineer/designer. Michael Davidson, a ten-year Soundbyte veteran has both. He offers deep musical roots, learning guitar in the 7th grade, playing brass in his high school marching band and dabbling in the banjo and mandolin. Michael caught the recording bug in high school, making a 5 song LP with his band, and then headed to McNally Smith College of Music in Minnesota where he earned his degree in Music Recording.

Learning the ropes in an entry-level position at Soundbyte, Michael has worked his way up to Senior Sound Designer. His award-winning work can be heard on TNT/TBS (promos), TruTV – The Carbonaro Effect, Netflix – Longmire, Lifetime – Lizzy Borden, and CNBC – Jay Leno’s Garage. Michael’s calm, easy going nature is a great asset in marathon sessions or when deadlines are tight. Just ask our clients!

When Michael’s not in the studio, he’s dreaming of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail and camping within 5 yards of a bonfire and bourbon at all times.


“Sound Design really is like painting on a blank canvas. I get to create from the ground up, bringing a scene to life and creating an atmosphere, a world, a feeling, an emotion. It’s fun finding the perfect sound to fit in just the right moment to enhance the story.”