Studio News

Soundbyte opens new “Stage C” 

for ADR, podcast recording and foley.

Soundbyte recently on-lined “Stage C”, a second spacious stage for ADR, voice, podcast, and music recording services in Atlanta. After undergoing a substantial facility expansion in 2021, the space was initially utilized by the talented music production team, Anders Media Group (Glee, Rock of Ages) in collaboration with FOX. The newly updated live-room is equipped with a well equipped control room featuring Pro Tool Ultimate and state of the art cueing systems providing everything the voice actor needs for a seamless record.



Stage C has already hosted numerous ADR sessions and multi-actor podcasts for various films and production companies. Notable recent guests include podcast records with Questlove (The Roots) and Brook Baldwin (CNN) plus ADR records with Queens (ABC), “Big Mouth”(Netflix). and “Stalked Within” (BET Plus). Having a second stage at the ready gives us the ability to handle last minute schedule changes and requests with ease and flexibility for your actors and talent while maintaining the ideal room dimensions for accurate sound matching.

Mahershala Ali at Soundbyte to voice new Netflix Doc!

Mahershala Ali, Oscar winning star of the films Green Book, Blade, and Moonlight, recently paid a multi-day visit to Soundbyte to record VO and narration for an upcoming Netflix documentary project. Soundbyte’s convenient location and comfortable, private space made for a first class experience for the Actor as well as the films director who flew in from London to oversee the session in person. Mahershala was an increadible pleasure to have in studio with us and we are thrilled to be a part of this project (More to be revealed soon!)

Soundbyte goes full speed ADR for Bullet Train with Bryan Tyree Henry

Bryan Tyree Henry recently stopped by Soundbyte to record ADR for Sony Pictures’ blockbuster film, Bullet Train. Soundbyte’s team worked closely with Bryan and director David Leitch to match the production sound and provide a creative comfortable environment for the process. We’ve feel very fortunate to work on several exciting projects with Bryan Tyree Henry over the past several months including Big Mouth and Atlanta, and we are thrilled to be a part of all of these amazing productions.


Garcelle Beauvais ADR at Soundbyte!

Garcelle Beauvais, known for her oh so glamorous ways on The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills, as well as NYPD Blue and the Jamie Fox show, dropped by Soundbyte recently to record ADR for her brand new movie, Black Girl Missing. She serves as Executive Producer and lead of the riveting thriller. Be sure to catch the movie on Lifetime March 4th!! ANd thanks for the IG Tag Garcelle! 

Pierce Brosnan shakes and stirs up VO with NBC and Soundbyte!

Pierce Brosnan, without a doubt one of our favorite Bonds, paid Soundbyte a delightful visit to record high end promotional commercial content narration for The Master’s Golf Tournament in cooperation with NBC sports. While in town filming with Dwane Johnson for Black Adam, Soundbyte’s convenient 4th ward location, private parking + entry made for a first class experience for the actor and his assistants (and NBC!). It was a privilege working with such a seasoned actor on suck a cool project. 

Rosario Dawson tracks at Soundbyte for dramatic new video game role.

Soundbyte recently had the esteemed pleasure of welcoming Rosario Dawson into our studio A Booth to record a series of intense and dramatic scripts for an upcoming video game role. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a talented actress who was in town filming for a Disney film. We learned a ton and hope to see her again soon!

Questlove & Co. hits Soundbyte to track Questlove Supreme!

Questlove, the beloved drummer and frontman of The Roots, recently made the trek down from his NYC home to spend a few days with us recording for his hit podcast, Questlove Supreme. The Grammy winning music producer, actor and artist, interviewed several amazing personalities for this episode, including Stacey Abrahams, Dallas Austin, and Organized Noize. Such a THRILL! Thanks to Iheart media for the collaboration!

CeeLo Green records new Song for Disney at Soundbyte.

Grammy award winning recording artist CeeLo Green spent a fun filled afternoon at Soundbyte Atlanta recording a brand new song for Disney’s popular show “The Proud Family” airing on Disney Plus. The song, an upbeat cover of Strawberry Letter 23 featured CeeLo on lead vocals. The show’s director and producers oversaw the session via zoom with Source Connect and Source Live feeds for full bandwidth sound and video reference. Thanks to Disney for the gig!