Matt Copeland

Sr. Sound Designer

Matt Copeland has been designing awesome audio at Soundbyte for twelve
years.  Before that, he graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and
Sciences.  He’s contributed Cleo and Promax winning projects, as well as created
sound design for video games and virtual reality videos.  He’s particularly
experienced in mixing for 360 video environments.

Matt is a tinkerer and loves to take innovative steps to make things sound great.  He stays on top of audio technology and new digital tools that streamline the
creation process, never shying away from digging deep into the features of
plugins or synthesizers to discover something new.  He loves most southern guy activities- boats, fishing, woodworking and cheap bourbon (although not simultaneously).


“Today, content is more and more likely to be consumed on a tiny iPhone
screen.  No matter how epic the visual content is…you’re still staring at a
tiny screen. That’s where we come in.  We create a sound design and
audio mix that can bring massive scale back to your viewers so they can
forget they’re watching on a smartphone.  It’s total immersion in the audio
experience that we work hard for.”