John Roberts


John Roberts wrote and recorded his high school prom song when he was 17. He grew up in a rural Connecticut setting, but eventually relocated to Atlanta after realizing he probably wasn’t destined for rock star fame. Instead, he launched Soundbyte in 1999 in a small guest bedroom over the garage. Today, he leads an award-winning team of brilliant sound designers who are creating captivating music and sound for clients like Turner, Disney, Amazon Films, A&E, ESPN, Delta Airlines, Ford, and more. 

John plays piano, guitar, bass and drums, but also enjoys modifying microphones and pre-amps on the side. His strong musical background and approach to mixing gives him a unique perspective when creating a soundscape that resonates emotionally. 

John is a vegan and wine lover who enjoys competing in triathlons during the warmer months. When not in the mixing chair, he dreams about getting his pilot’s license, and flying to Iceland to grow a beard.


“Sound is feeling. It can be warm, cold, cutting, comforting, and even non-existent if that’s what the moment requires. Being able to read a scene and sonically match the feeling is as important as choosing the proper f-stop setting on the camera.”