Cathy Roberts

VP, Finance + Operations

Originally from Connecticut, Cathy Roberts headed for the warm South to study Business at the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks).  After receiving her Master’s degree from Georgia State University, she worked in the corporate finance mines (ING, Prudential and Heller Finance) where she perfected her numbers game.

In 1999 she co-founded Soundbyte where she keeps financial operations running smoothly (reigning the boys in when they want to buy more guitars than they actually need).  She’s the bigger picture planner and figures out how to give Soundbyte clients the best product possible while still staying in budget.

Cathy takes care of the business tasks behind the scenes, so that Soundbyte’s talented staff can focus on client service and their audio craft.  Outside the office, she’s dreaming of opening a vineyard, raising alpacas and biking through Ireland.


 “I really love working for a small company now, where you get to see things through from start to finish rather than just being involved in a small part of the process. I also enjoy being surrounded by all the artful, creative geniuses in this industry. I learn something new from them every day!”